Artistic collaboration and community engagement : Saturday’s Child

Students in ARTS 292 partnered with Saturday’s Child, a youth enrichment program, to erect a permanent installation at the Buena Vista Public library.

Project Completed: May 2017


Students in ARTS 292


In deep collaboration with Saturday’s Child and a metal fabrication company in Buena Vista, two Washington and Lee students installed a arbor in Buena Vista’s Public Library and two raised flower beds.

By choosing steel as the material for the arbor, the students sought to honor the town’s manufacturing past.  In closely collaborating with local children and selecting seeds of native flowers, the Washington and Lee students sought to highlight the assets of the community, symbolizing “the hope and possibility for future growth” of the town.

Children participating in Saturday’s Child actively took part in the project by making clay flower pots from scratch, painting them, and also planting flower seeds by the arbor and in the pots and flower beds. In addition to selling steel to the project at a cost, the local metal fabrication company built the arbor that the students designed.


Project Details

Agency Name Saturday's Child
Mission Saturday's Child, based in Buena Vista, is committed to working with at-risk youth to improve social, emotional and academic succes.
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