Computer Programming & Database Creation

The Rockbridge Area Prevention Coalition (RAPC) obtains valuable data on substance-related arrests from four different local law enforcement agencies, which it uses to tailor its prevention programs and quantify the impact of its programs.  RAPC would like to develop a database that seamlessly pulls data from these four different sources, in addition to disaggregating data by age and by substance.

Project Details

Agency Name Rockbridge Area Prevention Coalition (RAPC)
Mission RAPC is a community coalition, whose mission is to reduce substance abuse among youth in the Rockbridge area by increasing community awareness of substance use and other prevention related issues and by promoting a comprehensive network of prevention and intervention services and resources. The Coalition's vision is to promote protective factors and decrease risk factors in order to help build healthy youth, families, and communities in the Rockbridge area.
Research Need

RAPC would like to develop a database that seamlessly pulls data from four different law enforcement sources (Buena Vista, Lexington City, Rockbridge County, and VA Uniform Crime Report)  and captures all of these in one place.

Currently, arrest data that RAPC analyze are divided into two categories:  (1) age 17 and below and (2) ages 18+.  RAPC would also like to find a way of disaggregating crime data further by age, to have more specific information on  18, 19, and 20 year-olds, since these are considered minors when it comes to drinking. A breakdown on alcohol abuse, marijuana, prescription drugs, opiates, etc, would also be helpful.

Research Methods Other (see below)
Other Methods Information Technology -- database development, Programming
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