Homelessness Single Point of Entry Best Practices

In order to better address homelessness, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is directing local housing authorities and Continuums of Care to adopt a centralized intake model, whereby clients experiencing homelessness can call a single phone number or single address to enter the homeless service system, rather than bouncing from one agency to the next to obtain services.  This community-based research project seeks to identify best practices in homelessness centralized intake.

Project Completed: June 2017


Edward Stroud
Global Politics and Business Management

Marisa Charley


To help the local housing Continuum of Care prepare for the adoption of a homelessness centralized intake model, researchers reached out to other planning groups in the region who had already transitioned to single point of entry. They sought to learn from them what worked, what didn’t work, what obstacles they faced in the process, and how they addressed them.  As part of this project, researchers also compiled a list of all local housing resources in the Rockbridge area, which will be critical in implementing this model.


Project Details

Agency Name Rockbridge Area Relief Association (RARA)
Mission "The Rockbridge Area Relief Association (RARA) is an emergency relief agency, providing local households with aid in times of emergency, when other community or personal resources have been exhausted. We serve a variety of clients, including single parents, low income working people, the elderly, and those who may require aid due to the transitional loss of a job, or medical hardship. The Food Pantry provides supplemental food for clients, serving 17,626 individuals in 2013. "
Website http://rockbridgeareareliefassociation.org/
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