Rockbridge Area Food Access: Mapping and Data Analysis

Student researcher examined data from a a local food access mapping project and a follow-up qualitative study to determine not only where food can be accessed in the Rockbridge area but also where fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, grains, and whole grains can be purchased and at what price point to compose a balanced “My Plate” meal.

Project Completed: June 2017


Jonah Mackay


In order to better understand food access in the Rockbridge area, the student researcher integrated a comprehensive food mapping study with qualitative data to analyze not only the number of different places where food can be accessed in the region, but also to look at what types of foods are available in Lexington, Buena Vista, and Rockbridge County and at what price point.  The student analyzed whether clients could compose an USDA “My Plate” meal and also compared relative prices of a sample meal in the different jurisdictions.


Project Details

Agency Name Live Health Rockbridge Kids & Virginia Cooperative Extension Office
Mission The mission of Live Health Rockbridge Kids is to improve access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity to prevent and reduce childhood obesity. The Virginia Cooperative Extension seeks to develop collaborative partnerships, disseminating and implementing scientific knowledge to "improve economic, environmental, and social well-being."
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