YMCA Youth Programming

In partnership with the Rockbridge area YMCA, a student researched youth programming opportunities that exists in other YMCAs across the state and to evaluate which ones might be a good fit for a rural, more dispersed area like ours.  While there are a lot of early childhood and elementary-school-aged opportunities for children in the Rockbridge area, outside of school team sports, the same cannot be said for youth. The student researcher identified opportunities and gaps.

Project Completed: December 2017


Andrew Donchez


In this project, the student researcher identified YMCAs in Virginia located in a rural area similar to Rockbridge to look at youth programming they offered. The goal of this work was to identify new potential youth programs for the Rockbridge YMCA, highlighting not only opportunities but also identifying existing gaps.


Project Details

Agency Name Rockbridge Area YMCA
Mission YMCA's mission is to strengthen communities. "Everyday we work side by side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive." The YMCA offers health and wellness programs: it has a gym, it offers nutrition education, after school programs and summer camp for children, and it provides a social outlet and support for the aging and those with special needs.
Website http://www.ymcarockbridge.com/
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